Monthly Archives: September 2008

Russia and Georgia

Mr Porter led a iiiiv meeting explaining the background to the recent war in the Caucasus. The WP members then got a chance to produce a news report from each of the following angles: Georgians, Russians, South Ossetians and Americans. Lots to think about, particularly on perspective.

CERN and Science spending

David Jones, Shezad Khan and Andrew Liddell from our MVI gave an excellent talk to the remv WP on what the new Large Hadron Collider is seeking to achieve. Mr Wilson then led a discussion on whether the huge amounts of money needed for this pure research were justified, given the immediate problems of hunger and disease in the world. WP members were then asked to prepare group responses to these questions.

Foreign Policy Rhetoric

Mr Lord, ably assisted by our resident history and politics experts Messrs. Morrison & Pepper, and other colleagues, led a discussion on the way countries use words to justify their aggressive activities. WP members were asked in groups to think of examples of this from their own knowledge and backgrounds, and to assess how we can ever judge the strength of such arguments. An excellent plenary discussion followed, with even better pizza.

Music and Noise

One VIth-form group (Elliot and Jan) bravely claimed that all sound (and silence) was musical, so had trouble with their second piece; they almost succeeded by distracting the audience so they weren’t expecting any sound, and then, as nonchalantly as possible, making a noise.

Mr Pepper threatens to offer a follow-up on his favoured “Sonic Art” style of music.

Enjoy the two pieces by John Cage on YouTube: “4’ 33”” and the “Water Walk”, as shown on American TV.

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