Monthly Archives: October 2008


Miss Barrs treated the iiiiv WP to a presentation and discussion on the extent to which people shouldn’t be allowed to use taboo words and concepts, particularly with reference to the stage. Provovative and stimulating.

Credit Crunch: Economics for beginners

Our home-brewed double act of Messrs Spicer and Harston led this brilliant introduction to the world of credit crunch and high money. The remv WP were made to think about what’s on the news, and to consider possible courses of action.

Aidan Andrew Dun

Aidan returned to Chigwell and gave a talk on the history of his involvement with the King’s Cross area of London, touching on Rimbaud, Blake and Yeats, with plenty of ‘ambient rap’. The event, cohosted with the English department, and blest with students from Ratcliffe College in Leicestershire, continued over supper in Radley’s Yard, and then round the fire at Sandon Lodge, where Aidan explored the symbolism of his Pan Cross, and read from his poetry.

Aidan Andrew Dun and audience

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