Monthly Archives: December 2008


Mrs Pewsey treated the iiiiv WP to a demonstration of how to make a cloud in a bottle, and how to identify the different types. We also learned about the temporarily-Essex Man Luke Howard, and how he devised from Latin the names we still use to describe clouds. We were all exhorted to join the Cloud Appreciation Society.

At the end we witnessed the current closeness of Jupiter and Venus.

Peak Oil & Transition Towns

Bob Steel, Geographer-extraordinaire, returned for a one-off exposition to the remv WP of the concept of Peak Oil – the moment when world oil production peaks, and from which it’s all downhill. Soaring energy prices, unavailability of food, global conflict: in short a complete change to our oil-based lifestyles were all part of his frightening predictions.

Sonic Art

Chigwell’s Mr Pepper gave an ear-opening demonstration of how to manipulate sound files, especially speech, from Obama and Blair to radio phone-ins. Strange sounds resulted, including irregular textures which could be separately pitched, and complex splicings of a Princess Diana interview.

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