Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis

Mr Eardley gave the youngest WP members an A-level Biology lesson, which involved looking at the detailed structure of DNA, using knowledge of the structure to explain exactly what is meant by “the genetic code”, explaining how cells read the genetic code and follow the instructions it gives to make proteins, and, finally, considering what happens when things go wrong – the code is misread or the amount of DNA is changed – and mutations are produced. Clear, challenging and fascinating.

The Blues

Dan Nash (OC) gave a presentation on the Blues to the remv and vi Williams Projects. For some years Dan has been spending some of each year travelling the Mississippi delta, interviewing and playing with the old bluesmen and their descendants. From these experiences he gave us a thorough and passionate account of the origins of the Blues in the oppression of African Americans in the southern states, how the music was discovered and eventually sanitised, as well as playing his own powerful face-gritting renditions of some of the main Blues songs.

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