Monthly Archives: March 2009

Evolution and Creationism

Mr Wille led all three sections of the WP in an investigation into the application of scientific method to the variety of life on earth. This fast and challenging presentation culminated in reading the letter to the Kansas School Board from a believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, requesting that if Creationism (or, as it has to be called, “Intelligent Design”) is to be taught as a valid alternative to Darwinism, that his beliefs should also be on the curriculum. Much scoffing at the irony-unaware responses this generated on the message boards.

Sonic Art

Mr Pepper reran for the iiiiv WP his presentation on the electronic editing and reorking of clips of speech, from Talk Radio to speeches by Tony Blair and interviews with Princess Diana. A fascinating and exciting afternoon.

Art and Society

Mr Sliwa gave the remv and vi WPs a long-gestated presentation based on his “Desert Island” pictures, but which was much more of a full and very personal discussion of the development of art over the centuries, and its revealing of the mystery at the heart of life. From the unnamed artists of the Middle Ages, through Cimabue and Giotto to the late Rothkos, this was a beautiful and moving evening.

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