Monthly Archives: April 2009

An Introduction to Russian

Mr Porter introduced the iiiiv WP to one of his many loves: the Russian language. Beginning with the Cyrillic alphabet, and the dispute about which saints devised it from Greek, we launched into a basic dialogue (Диалоги) to introduce ourselves to each other. Perhaps seeds have been sown…


Antony Sher stars in this chilling and disturbing hour-long BBC production of J.G. Ballard’s short story The Enormous Place. A man decides never to leave his house again, and video-diaries the ‘experiment’. Tulips and cats will never taste the same again.

Defence of the Realm

Mr Lord showed the vi WP this film from the 1980s, about a journalist who investigates the death of a teenager on an American airbase in Britain, and its subsequent cover-up. A tight thriller, also interesting as perhaps the last film showing the press before computers: manual type-setting, paper filing (so, for example, photos can’t be filed under more than one heading, as they only exist in one paper file), and perhaps the most devious use of a record-player in cinema.

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