Monthly Archives: June 2009

Iraq in recent history

The Revd. David Cooper, our current temporary chaplain, gave a clear and illustrated account, to the youngest and middle branches of the Williams Project, of the Iraq he, as Head of Civil Affairs, was involved in trying to rebuild. He explained the division between the Kurdish north, the Marsh Arabs in the south, and the mixed centre, and gave us a fascinating insight into the plight of the different elements of the Iraqi people both under Saddam Hussain and the American-led invasion & occupation. He discussed the controversy about whether to reflood the drained marshes and give back to the Marsh Arabs their traditional, yet unhealthy and uncomfortable, lifestyle, as well as sharing insights into the reasons for the invasion, and the calibre of George W. Bush.

Polarisation in thymocytes

Miss Hinchcliff, our Penn Fellow, gave a challenging and exhilarating presentation to the Removes WP on the research she had been doing before coming to Chigwell. She was working on how the thymocyte cells (or T cells) – important in the operation of our immune system – sometimes go wrong and attack our own bodies (notably in multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis).

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