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Britain’s newspapers

Dr Alison Lord spoke to all three branches of the Williams Project about the range of newspapers available in Britain. She explained the history, circulation and readership of each, and members were then asked to compare, from a cunning series of photocopies, how each paper’s 29th-September front page story was treated by all the other papers.

And, the very next morning, the Sun changed its allegiance from Labour to Conservative: someone must have squealed.

Electric vehicles

Electric car

Electric car

All three Williams Projects were treated to a talk on the latest electric vehicles by Philip Retsas (OC), who now works in the industry. We learnt about the different types of electric vehicle technology, and how economics affected the approaches different companies were taking. The Junior School playground was then turned into a (wet) demonstration track, where pupils were given rides in the electric car, and had great views of their teachers on an electric bike, and trying to ride electric skateboards.

See Philip’s video on Youtube…

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