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Future people

Dr Rupert Read (blog) from UEA made the IIIrd and IVth form WP think really hard, firstly about at what age people should be allowed to do things, for example vote, and secondly about what kind of rights we should give to human beings yet to be born. Are we allowed to act in a way which makes their lives miserable? Do they have a right to some of our oil?

He gave a shorter version of this talk to the VIth form after their main session: ‘5 minutes’ then turned into a late evening debate.

Liberalism against democracy and truth

Dr Rupert Read (blog) from UEA argued to the two older branches of the WP that our ‘western liberalism’, by tolerating all viewpoints, had lost any urgency in pursuing truth. Dr Read argued that people do not have the right even to believe, let alone to preach about, something which is palpable nonsense, such as, in his opinion (which is where the questioning started…!) creationism, or climate-change-denial.

At both sessions we were fortunate to have Bernard Williams’ wife and son – Patricia and Jake.

Sonic Art

Mr Pepper reran for the iiiiv and vi (but new audiences) WPs his presentation on the electronic editing and reorking of clips of speech, from Talk Radio to speeches by Tony Blair and interviews with Princess Diana. A fascinating and exciting afternoon, with some excellent new material on e.g. Obama.


Ace VIth-form mathematicians (Wojciech, Egor and Yunlin) taught (or attempted to teach) our Remove-UV guinea pigs about complex numbers and other delights.

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