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Peter Tatchell: “The War on Terror” & “The Unfinished Queer Revolution”

Peter, a veteran and internationally-renowned campaigner against all forms of injustice, gave the WP two excellent talks. The first was on “The War on Terror and the Subversion of Civil Liberties”, in which he detailed the Government’s creeping assault on our traditional freedoms, particularly in the realm of peaceful protest. The second was “The Unfinished Queer Revolution”: here Peter explained how far gay and lesbian rights had moved in Britain over the past decade, but outlined where there was still discrimination, both in the law and in the ways the law was enforced. A clear and engaging speaker, Peter made a huge impact. And in subsequent informal conversations many students and staff had a chance to discuss issues with him.

You can find out more about Peter’s work here.

Peter Tatchell

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