Monthly Archives: November 2011

David Pepper: Hackers, Spies and Cyber-thieves

Sir David Pepper, Old Chigwellian and former Director of GCHQ, the UK agency responsible for providing intelligence and for protecting our own information, gave a clear and insightful talk on the issues surrounding security of information on the internet, and how criminals, terrorists and some states are developing ways to steal data and damage the net’s rather fragile infrastructure. The conversation continued over dinner, and we were delighted to have guests from Normanhurst School.

OneVoice: Israel and Palestine

Shir and Thuraya, from the OneVoice movement, shared their personal experiences as young Israeli and Palestinian women growing up in the conflict. Their moving testimony shocked us, and brought home to us how different and difficult life in such circumstances must be. Their proposal of a two-state solution, and their rejection of violence, was put with articulacy and conviction, and led to a very interesting discussion.

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