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Mr P. Eardley: Charles Darwin: his life, his theory, and the evidence

WP was given a real treat last night with a presentation from one of our own – Mr Eardley spoke about Darwin: his life, his theory, and the evidence. During a well-illustrated talk, with lots of interaction from the students, we learnt about Darwin’s early life – failed at school, failed at medical school and failed in the priesthood – through to his “big break” as the naturalist on the Beagle as it toured around the Southern hemisphere.

Darwin’s incredible observational work on the finches of the Galapagos, which had all evolved to fill different ecological niches on the different islands, taken with other evidence led him to formulate his theory of evolution, which he continued to investigate for the rest of his life. Mr Eardley finished the talk presenting a wide range of evidence to support this theory ending with MRSA and the rise of the antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. We finished the session with a hugely entertaining game of evolution where the majority of us became extinct but some reached the dizzy heights of evolving as far as poisonous worms. A very good educational, entertaining and informative talk – thank you Mr Eardley.

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