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Tim Good: Aliens – Above Top Secret

Tim Good, who has studied UFOs for decades and is the author of nine books on the subject, gave two presentations to the WP, explaining the evidence he has gathered over many years which, he claims, demonstrates the existence of visitors to earth from other worlds. Some were convinced, some weren’t: I (Mr Lord) have read one of his books since and am impressed with the sheer volume of eye-witness accounts. It also seems that aspects of the US military think there’s something going on…..

Mr Good kindly gave copies of his books to the school library, so you can assess the evidence yourselves.

Sue Cunningham: Heart of Brazil

Sue and her husband Patrick are photographers who do lots of work for the Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust, which seeks to raise awareness of issues affecting tropical forests and their indigenous  inhabitants. Sue is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and her photographs have been exhibited at the Brazilian Embassy in London and in lots of other places; she’s also travelled to the Amazon with Sting and Anita Roddick.

Sue and Patrick are also both lovely and engaging people, and excellent communicators of their knowledge of and insights into the lives and traditions of indigenous peoples in Brazil. In particular they spoke about their ‘Heart of Brazil Expedition’ project, which involved travelling the 2,500 kilometres of the Xingu river in a small boat, visiting 48 tribal villages, and recording how the Indians are being affected by climate change and the conversion of rain forest to cattle pasture and agricultural land. They clearly showed us see the impact these changes are having on their traditional way of life and cultures.

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