Adisa the Verbalizer

This time our special guest was Adisa the Verbalizer, a performance poet and a splendidly original and fresh artist. His first public performance in the summer of 1993 was shortly followed by a success of world-wide scale – Adisa came first in an international competition titled “New Performance Poet of the Year”.

“Answer any question with a poem?”: Adisa replies with “Challenge accepted!” And this was exactly the essence of our highly interactive session. Our performance poet was bombarded with varied questions, from “Do you have a dog?”, through enquiries into his political views, to the question posed by humanity from the beginning of time: “Does God exist?” The answers were as varied as the questions. Some were amusing, others entirely serious, but all were poems which left space for one’s personal interpretation and answer. The questions asked were aimed at ourselves as much as at Adisa, so the challenge for the participants was to tackle them individually.

Those wishing to find out more about Adisa the Verbalizer and performance poetry are welcome to his site

Olena Cytryna

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