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Freddie Meier: The ethics of shooting a young Adolf Hitler

Our topic on May 24th was ‘The ethics of shooting a young Adolf Hitler’ – a talk and discussion led by Mr Freddie Meier (MFL department). Mr Meier took us through various scenarios, real or imagined, about the early years of Adolf Hitler, before expanding his theme into a full discussion of utilitarian and deontological ethics: whether an action is good because the consequences are good, or because the action is just good in itself. We soon understood that there is no easy easy of deciding whether an action is good or not, and left the meeting puzzled yet enlightened.

Adam Frosh: Paid for the Blade: a Snippet of Surgery

Attenders of the Williams Project were lucky enough to receive a talk from Mr Adam Frosh (OC) about his surgical career, the history of surgery, and applying to medical school. Mr Frosh showed and articulately narrated for us an extremely interesting video of a thyroidectomy, something we had never seen before. He also gave us a lot of insight into the balance between work in a private practice, an NHS hospital and doing academic research of personal interest on the side. His optimistic yet realistic approach to medicine was very encouraging for the large turnout of budding medics.


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