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Mr Maingot: Bio-electricity, auras and drama

On the 16th of May Mr Maingot, Chigwell School’s head of drama, gave a thought-provoking presentation on the subjects of bio-electricity, auras and drama. At first, the functioning of neurons in the brain was explained, followed by an in-depth explanation of how using peripheral vision we can notice a magnetic field around a person, commonly known as their aura. After a demonstration that involved Mr Maingot connecting his index fingers and talking us through the process, we were given time to use our eyesight differently than we do on a regular basis and hopefully notice our own, individual auras. Mr Maingot ended the magical, yet scientific Williams Project by sharing his own personal experiences with colourful auras which he was lucky to observe while working with actors in drama plays. The audience was amazed and seemed determined to use Mr Maingot’s advice and start regularly practising their aura-seeing abilities.

Halina Ravensdale

Mark Lord: How to design a film

On May 2nd Mark Lord shared with us his passion for design and tailoring, and how he has become a costumier for many TV and film productions, including the BBC’s recent Dickensian. He explained how he had to work from (often incomplete) scripts, and spot where later episodes required a character to have a particular kind of clothing from the start. For example, if a character beats someone with a belt in episode 10, they have to wear a belt from episode 1. If a character is stabbed in episode 6, Mark has to order five of the same shirt, as scenes often require several takes. He is a stickler for detail, and takes great pains to be historically accurate. Many in his audience were keen to work in different aspects of film, and were very grateful to Mark for the warm, generous and precise advice he gave them.

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