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Jessica Beagley, Climate Change: the greatest threat to health this century?

The recent talk given by Jessica Beagley on the medical impacts of climate change was particularly interesting because she used various methods such as- statistics, illustrative diagrams and explanation of different tipping points such as the melting of Arctic Permafrost and the spread of Malaria throughout Europe- to convey how urgent the climate crisis that we are facing is.  She proposed some methods of actions that we might consider taking. This can be done by starting to reduce our own Carbon footprint, think how to put a pressure on politicians and large organisations to reduce our overall effect on the environment. It is easy to realise that there are the many methods we could use, as well as innovations in technology such as sustainable electricity that would aid us in the fight against climate crisis.

Ben Punt

Philosophy at Reading: Global warming? It’s not my fault! AND Jessica Rabbit, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility

A team of philosophers from the University of Reading (Geraldine Ng, Joe Donnolly and Rhianwen Daniel) descended on Chigwell for a double-bill of philosophy, centred around our responsibility (or lack of it) for global warming. Why shouldn’t I drive my gas-guzzling 4×4? What difference would not driving actually make to the temperature of the planet and the sea-level around the Maldives? Through carefully structured questioning, the team from Reading teased out thoughtful responses from our students, and made us look again at what might have seemed simple ethical questions.

philosophy at reading

Electric vehicles

Electric car

Electric car

All three Williams Projects were treated to a talk on the latest electric vehicles by Philip Retsas (OC), who now works in the industry. We learnt about the different types of electric vehicle technology, and how economics affected the approaches different companies were taking. The Junior School playground was then turned into a (wet) demonstration track, where pupils were given rides in the electric car, and had great views of their teachers on an electric bike, and trying to ride electric skateboards.

See Philip’s video on Youtube…

Peak Oil & Transition Towns

Bob Steel, Geographer-extraordinaire, returned for a one-off exposition to the remv WP of the concept of Peak Oil – the moment when world oil production peaks, and from which it’s all downhill. Soaring energy prices, unavailability of food, global conflict: in short a complete change to our oil-based lifestyles were all part of his frightening predictions.

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