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Jacques Tati

Mr Fletcher gave a wry and amusing presentation of this doyen of French comedy. M. Hulot’s Holiday & Mon Oncle both raised a laugh with this young audience.


The Fountain

On the recommendation of our VIth form’s Jan Indráček, on the first day of term we watched this incredible and mind-stretching film. It’s about a doctor’s quest for a cure for his wife’s cancer, branching off to the past, where the same two actors present a story written by his wife about a Spanish conquistador searching for a mythical Mayan tree of life, and to the future, where in the doctor’s imagination he floats through space in a bubble to the star representing the Mayans’ underworld, there to take a cure from the tree of life. Beautifully shot, with no cgi. Now in the school library should anyone want to watch it (again).

The Fountain



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