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The Spanish Civil War

Chigwell’s Mr Simon Coppell spoke to all three WP branches about this fascinating and little-known conflict in Spain, in the years leading up to the Second World War. We learnt how influential the war had been in British culture (from the Manic Street Preachers’ song (inspired by a contemporary poster), to George Orwell’s joining the 3,000 British volunteers in the ‘fight against fascism’). Its role as a prelude to (and, for the Nazis, as a practice for) the Second World War was made clear. We ended by discussing:

  • whether there were any issues for which we ourselves would travel to another country and fight
  • whether the 90-year-old veterans of the conflict should be tried for war crimes
  • whether the young should be more angry than they are about the condition of the world they are inheriting.

An Introduction to Russian

Mr Porter introduced the iiiiv WP to one of his many loves: the Russian language. Beginning with the Cyrillic alphabet, and the dispute about which saints devised it from Greek, we launched into a basic dialogue (Диалоги) to introduce ourselves to each other. Perhaps seeds have been sown…

Jacques Tati

Mr Fletcher gave a wry and amusing presentation of this doyen of French comedy. M. Hulot’s Holiday & Mon Oncle both raised a laugh with this young audience.

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