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Human identity – what are people like in the afterlife – 1?

Ms Rex gave a full and fascinating talk to the Rem-UV and VIth-form branches of the WP about what the great traditions, from Homer and the Old Testament, through Plato and into Christianity and Dante, have said about what of our selves survives after death. She went on to discuss the contemporary theological debate between those who argue that the Old Testament presents a completely psychosomatic view of the soul-body (i.e. that the two are really one entity), and those who say that the soul and the body are separate. We went into the Hebrew of the Book of Job to assess these views.

Charles Fernyhough

Former pupil and friend of Mr Fletcher, Charles is a novelist and psychologist. He spoke to the Williams Project about the links between psychology and fiction, in particular about how psychology informs writing, not so much through, say, an understanding of character, but because it shows us how to steer a reader’s mind to feel specific things at specific times. Writing fiction is like ‘writing software for the mind’.

Charles’ website.

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