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Michael Pruss: writing movies

Old Chigwellian Michael Pruss, Senior Vice President of Production for Scott Free Productions, hosted a special Williams Project meeting on the Friday before he gave the prizes at the school’s Speech Day. He spoke engagingly and in depth about his personal journey to Hollywood from Chigwell, and then illuminatingly and with passion and humour about the structure of a standard movie plot, even detailing at which minute certain plot-turns are best placed. The audience were spellbound, and asked excellent questions.


Tim Good: Aliens – Above Top Secret

Tim Good, who has studied UFOs for decades and is the author of nine books on the subject, gave two presentations to the WP, explaining the evidence he has gathered over many years which, he claims, demonstrates the existence of visitors to earth from other worlds. Some were convinced, some weren’t: I (Mr Lord) have read one of his books since and am impressed with the sheer volume of eye-witness accounts. It also seems that aspects of the US military think there’s something going on…..

Mr Good kindly gave copies of his books to the school library, so you can assess the evidence yourselves.

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