Trinity term 2018

Unless stated, all meetings run from 4.15-5.45 (all ages) and take place in the Sixth-Form Centre.

Tuesday 1st May
American power: Why the world needs it
Dr Charlie Laderman (OC, and Lecturer in International History, Department of War Studies, King’s College London)

Tuesday 15th May
Telepathic animals: How we use language to programme each other’s minds
Matthew Slocombe (UCL and Birkbeck London)

Tuesday 5th June

The wisdom of crowds – are the many smarter than the few? A mélange of statistics and psychology
Keith Ennis

Wednesday 13th June (Pop-up Williams Project)
You are all stardust: How the stars died so you could live
Richard Maynes

Tuesday 19th June
Yes! Yes! Yes! How professional wrestling teaches us about life
Michael Wright